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mil. "标枪" (地对地导弹(美)); "标枪" (号登陆艇(英))
DART [dɑ:t] n
AI. DART 专家系统 用于诊断计算机故障
dart [dɑ:t] n
gen. ушу. 镖
agric. 发射; 放射; 照射; 螫针; 针刺; 螫刺; 射器
archit. 箭头装饰
cloth. 缝褶
oil (冲击试验); 投射
space 航空火箭; 近程 导弹 (口语); 箭形
sport. 标枪
tech. 箭头 ; 矢状饰【建】; 射针; 舌阀
textile ; ; ; 短缝; 根据体型,在衣片上缝去的部分,俗称省省道
darts [dɔ:ts] n
dart. 投镖游戏
sport., folk. 投镖
dart [dɑ:t] n
gen. 短矛; ; ; 近程 导弹; 火箭; 突发; 急驰; 飞奔; 突然急速向前冲; 突刺; 针〔螯〕刺; 缝纫的 暗针; 钟表的保险针; 钻具打捞器; 反坦克导弹
dart [dɑ:t] v
gen. 投掷〔射〕; 发 〔放〕射; 突然发出; 飞奔〔驰〕; 急飞; 掠过
dart. 飞镖; 投镖
sport. 投掷 标枪等
textile 在短缝; 开省 俗称开省道
 English thesaurus
DART [dɑ:t] abbr.
abbr. Dance Arizona Repertory Theater; Data Applications Reports And Transactions; Dedicated Armada Round Table; Demonstration For Autonomous Rendezvous Technology; Demonstration Of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology; Disaster Assistance And Rescue Team; Dynamic Applied Regional Trade; days away/restricted time (используется в охране труда Srakandaev); Deployable Automated Remote Terminal; Developer Account Recharge Tracker; Developmental Air Reports Tracker; Diagnostic Assessment Remediation And Tracking; Digital Age Research Technology; Direct Airline Reservations Ticketing; Directed Area Response Transportation; Discussion Action Representation And Thought; Dynamic Advertising Reporting & Targeting (technology, WWW, Doubleclick); Dynamic Analysis and Re-planning Tool
abbr., adv. Dynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting (Юлия Берман)
abbr., astr. Dual Anamorphic Reflector Telescope (Vanda Voytkevych)
abbr., avia. Doppler data
abbr., comp., net., IT Data Access Real Time
abbr., ecol. Developmental & Reproduction toxicity (Karabas)
abbr., ed. Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment
abbr., ed., scient. Desert Agricultural Research Team
abbr., el. data automatic rescheduling technique; defect area revisit technology; design automation routing tool; direct access remote terminal
abbr., file.ext. Daily Automatic Rescheduling Technique; Digital Audio Reconstruction Technology
abbr., IT Data Access Retrieval Technology; Data Analysis Risk Technology; Demand Assessment Requirements; Diagnostic Assistance Reference Tool
abbr., law Drug Advisory Response Team
abbr., med. Data Analysis And Reports For Toolkit Instruments; Dental Article Review And Testing; Developmental And Reproductive Toxicology (database); Drug And Alcohol Registry Of Treatment. Drogue Et Alcool - Répertoire Des Traitements; Diver Attendant Recompression Transportable
abbr., meteorol. Digital Audio Restoration Technology
abbr., mil. Days Away Restricted Or Transferred; Defensive Avionics Receiver Transmitter; Driven Ammunition Reduced Time; Detection, Action, and Response Technique; Display for Advanced Research & Training; Driven Ammunition Reduced Time of flight (qwarty); Dynamic Analysis and Replanning Tool; disaster assistance response team; downed aircraft recovery team; dynamic analysis and replanning tool; Driven Ammunition, Reduced Time of flight
abbr., mil., avia. Army anti-tank missile
abbr., nautic. Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis (Tiny Tony)
abbr., nautic., scient. Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis project
abbr., O&G, sakh. Drilling Advanced Rig Training (Sakhalin Energy)
abbr., oil data acquisition and radio transmission
abbr., progr., IT Distributed Ada Ray Tracer; Downloadable Assessment Reporting Tool
abbr., scient. Dynamic Air Release Technology
abbr., scottish Data And Remote control Terminal
abbr., tradem. Dial A Ride Transportation
abbr., transp. Dallas Area Rapid Transit; Dial A Ride Transit; Dublin Area Rapid Transit
comp. data analysis and reporting technique
mil. data acquisition, recording and transmission; data reduction translator; deployable automatic relay terminal; digital automatic range tracker; disappearing automatic retaliatory target; disaster assistance recovery teams
tech. data analysis recording tape; depot automatic rescheduling technique; detection, action response technique; diode automatic reliability tester; directional automatic realignment of trajectory; director and response tester; dual asynchronous receiver/transmitter
DARTS [dɔ:ts] abbr.
abbr. Digital Antijam Radio Teletype System
abbr., avia. derivative aircraft airplane requirement and tabulation system; design approach for real time systems; digital azimuth range tracking system; distribution architecture research test system
abbr., el. design approach for real-time system; digital azimuth-range tracking system; distributor automated real-time system
abbr., med. Diabetes Audit and Research in Tayside, Scotland
abbr., mil. Design Approach for Real-Time Systems
abbr., scottish Digital Airborne Radar Threat Simulator; Distributed Architecture Robust Tactical System (Canada)
mil. disabled aircraft recovery transport system
tech. digital automated radar tracking system; digital azimuth and range tracking system
DART [dɑ:t] abbr.
abbr., astr. Double Asteroid Redirection Test (the kinetic impactor technique Val_Ships)
abbr., earth.sc. data assimilation research and transition
abbr., oil data acquisition real time; deep access reconnaissance television
abbr., space digital/automatic readout tracker; dual an amorphic reflector telescope; dual-axis rate transducer; dynamic acoustic response trigger; dynamic automatic radar tester
DARTS [dɔ:ts] abbr.
abbr., avia. derivative aircraft airplane requirements & tabulation system
"DART" abbr.
abbr., transp. "DART"
DART [dɑ:t] abbr.
health. developmental and reproductive toxicity (Токсическое действие на репродуктивную функцию и развитие)
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