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 "Cod" n
mil. "鳕鱼" (号潜艇(美))
 cod [kɔd] n
cook. 鳕鱼 crab 螃蟹
econ. 鳕鱼
met. 砂胎
tech. 大西洋鳕; 台风路线转折点; 湿砂型芯
 .cod n
IT 汇编代码文件名后缀 (Microsoft C编译器 产生的可显示机器码/汇编代码文件的扩展名)
 COD [kɔd] abbr.
sport. 刚果民主共和国 (National Olympic Committee)
 English thesaurus
 Cod [kɔd] abbr.
abbr., Codeine
abbr., oil Codell
 Cod. n
lat. Codex ("manuscript")
 COD [kɔd] abbr.
abbr. Change Of Direction; collect on delivery; collection on delivery (oVoD); Collect On Delivery; Cash On Delivery
abbr., afr. Congress of Democrats
abbr., amer. cash on delivery (оплата налом во время доставки Val_Ships)
abbr., automat. customer oriented diagnostics
abbr., avia. Cody, Wyoming USA; components operating and storage data (Interex); coupon origin-destination
abbr., BrE central ordnance depot
abbr., chem., scient. 1,5-CycloOctaDiene; Chemical Oxygen Demand
abbr., ed. content on demand (Yakov)
abbr., ed., scient. College Of Dupage
abbr., el. conductor-oxide diffusion; catastrophic optical mirror damage; channel on demand; closed orbit distortion; cooperation on demand; CSCW on demand
abbr., energ.ind. CO date (MichaelBurov)
abbr., file.ext. Printer code definition file (Boxer/2); Source code in assembler with original C code as comments (MS C); Code definition table (UUPC); Program compiled code (FORTRAN); Template source file (dBASE Application Generator); Videotext file; Datafile (Forecast Plus - MS Multiplan - StatPac Gold)
abbr., IT Code definition table; Datafile; computer output data (kotechek)
abbr., karate. coupon origin and destination
abbr., law chief operations director (Alexander Demidov); Country of Destination Code код страны назначения (Liliash)
abbr., ling. Concise Oxford English Dictionary (Alter Al)
abbr., logist. commercial operation date (MichaelBurov)
abbr., med. Cerebro-ocular Dysplasia
abbr., mil. Call Of Duty; carrier onboard delivery; combat operations division
abbr., nautic. Cas On Delivery
abbr., nautic., scient. Credit On Deposit
abbr., opt. catastrophic optical damage
abbr., physiol. Cause Of Death
abbr., physiol., med. Cause of death; Consumed Oxygen Demand
abbr., polym. crack-opening displacement; cyclooctadiene
abbr., scottish Correction Of Deficiencies
abbr., sec.sys. common operational document
abbr., transp. Carrier Onboard Delivery
abbr., water.suppl. Cone of Depression
ecol. chemical oxygen demand
energ.ind., abbr. contract for difference; cost of debt
invest., abbr. cash on delivery
mil. contract operations data
mil., abbr. carrier on-board delivery; carrier-on-deck; coherent optical device; communications operating directive; composite ordnance depot; current operations division
tech., abbr. crack opening displacement
 cod [kɔd] abbr.
abbr. cause of death; coding bakalar (Boreogadus saida, Eleginus gracilis, Eleginus navaga, Gadus macrocephalus, Gadus morhua, gadus callarias, Gadus ogac, Trisopterus minutus capelanus); treska (Boreogadus saida, Eleginus gracilis, Eleginus navaga, Gadus macrocephalus, Gadus morhua, gadus callarias, Gadus ogac, Trisopterus minutus capelanus)
 cod. abbr.
abbr., chem. codeine
 .cod n
file.ext. Code List (file name extension)
 COD A payment policy that requires payment in full for product upon delivery abbr.
abbr., comp., MS C.O.D.
 CoD [kɔd] n
O&G, sakh. Concept of Development (Sakhalin Energy)
 COD [kɔd] abbr.
abbr. crack opening dimension (spanishru); cache on die; connection-oriented data
abbr., auto. chain of dimension (pantyoly)
abbr., avia. change object description; classification of defects; convert on demand
abbr., busin. certificate of deposit; communication of delivery; coupon origin destination
abbr., comp., MS C.O.D. (A payment policy that requires payment in full for product upon delivery)
abbr., calcite/opal deposits; carbone organique dissous; dissolved organic carbon; chemical oxygen demand determination; cobalt deficiency; coefficient of determination
abbr., econ. sales cash on delivery sales
abbr., fin. collection on document
abbr., IT coefficient of diffusion; connection oriented data
abbr., oil carbonaceous oxygen demand; cargo on deck; casing outside diameter; collect ion on delivery; conversion of olefins to distillate (process)
abbr., sport. change-of-direction
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