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 "Adam" n
mil. "亚当" (空对地导弹(瑞典))
 Adam ['ædəm] n
archit. 亚当 (英国建筑师及家具设计师)
 English thesaurus
 ADAM ['ædəm] abbr.
abbr. airport datum monument program (данные базовой программы аэропорта Углов)
abbr., automat. advanced abrasive machining
abbr., biotechn. Array-based discovery of adaptive mutations (Altuntash)
abbr., ed. Activities Designed Around Multimedia
abbr., ed., scient. Advanced Design And Modeling
abbr., el. advanced data management (system); angular distribution Auger microscopy; autodecrementing addressing mode; automated data management (system); automated design and manufacturing; automatic dynamic analysis measurement
abbr., el., scient. Advanced Digital Audio Matrix
abbr., IT Affordable Desktop Application Manager
abbr., lab.eq. Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine
abbr., law Arrestee Drug Abuse And Monitoring
abbr., med. Amniotic Deformity, Adhesion, Mutilation (syndrome); Animated Dissection Of Anatomy For Medicine (NLM); amniotic deformity, adhesions, and mutilations (Игорь_2006); androgen deficiency of the aging male (Alexx B)
abbr., mil. Architecture Development Analysis Model; Artillery Delivered Anti-Personnel Mine; air defense airspace management
abbr., mil., avia. adaptive dynamic analysis and maintenance
abbr., NGO American Divorce Association for Men (Yippie)
abbr., scottish Advanced Dynamic Anthropomorphic Manikin
comp., abbr. automatic dialin to access message
mil. advanced data management; air-delivered attack marker
mil., abbr. advanced digital avionics map; air defense antimissile; air defense area monthly; area denial artillery munitions; area denial artillery-delivered mine
Nasdaq Adam.Com
tech., abbr. automated digital antenna measurement; automatic distance and angle measurement
 ADaM ['ædəm] adj.
clin.trial. Analysis Data Model (Rada0414)
 ADAM ['ædəm] abbr.
abbr., avia. air deflection and modulation
abbr., automatic distance and angle management system
abbr., IT automatic document abstracting method
abbr., oil advanced data management system; automatic drawing and machining
abbr., space advanced direct-landing Apollo mission; area denial artillery munition
abbr., UN, sl., drug. automated donor assistance mechanism
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