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noun | abbreviation
acra ['ækrə] n
gen. 肢端; 末梢部
"ACRA" abbr.
mil. "阿克拉" (高速反坦克导弹(法))
 English thesaurus
ACRA abbr.
abbr., avia. airflow control regulator and actuator
ACRA abbr.
abbr. Accounting And Corporate Regulatory Authority; Aids Community Residence Association; Allegheny County Retirees Association; American Cultural Resources Association; Australian Concrete Repair Association; Australian Cultivar Registration Authority; Automated Club Romance Analyzer
abbr., agric. Agriculture Crop Rotation Act
abbr., econ. Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (Lucym)
abbr., mil. Airlift Concepts and Requirements Agency
abbr., scottish Airlift Concepts & Requirements Agency; Anti-Char Rapide Autopropulse (France)