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dril. 工 具
hydroel.st. 工具; 量具
mech. 钻杆
met. 刃具; 刀具; 器械; 方法; 手段
| tooling
wood. 刀具加工
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tool [tu:l] n
gen. 用〔器,量,刀,刃,机〕具; ; 井下测井仪; 工作母机; 附件; 爪牙; 傀儡
agric. 机床通称; 装备工夹具; 农机具
archit. 器,量,刀
avia. 机床
chess.term. 棋具
dril. 工 具; 钻具; 设备
econ. 母机
hydroel.st. 工具; 量具; 机具; 器具
mech. 钻杆
met. 刃具; 刀具; 器械; 方法; 手段; 量具 (Such high-carbon steels are not so much used in engineering as steels with low and medium carbon content, though tools and other instruments which are required to be very hard have carbon contents up to 1.5 per cent. 虽然工具和仪器需要很高的硬度,其含碳量高达1.5%,但是如此高含碳量的钢在工程上的使用量远不如低碳钢和中碳钢多。)
oil 仪器; 下井仪
plast. 模具
shipb. 用工具给…加工
tech. 用具
tool [tu:l] v
gen. ; 用工具加工〔制造〕; 使用工具; 切削加工; 压型; 用工具、机床和仪器装备工厂; 给…装备〔配上〕工具、机床和仪器; 为新设计的汽车、或飞机等提供装备加工机械 (up)
archit. 用工具加工; 用凿刀修整; 配备工具设备
 English thesaurus
tool [tu:l] n
water.res. tools
TOOL [tu:l] abbr.
abbr. The Time Of Our Lives; conference on Technology of Object-Orientated Languages and Systems (OOP, Conference)
abbr., ed., scient. Textbook Orders On Line
abbr., relig. Transformation Of Our Lives
TOOL [tu:l] abbr.
abbr., space test-oriented operator language
tool?tooling: 2 phrases in 1 subject