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China polit. 检举
econ. 报告
fin. 报表; 查帐报告
interntl.trade. 报告单; 报关单
met. 通报
sport. 报道; 爆炸声
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report [rɪ'pɔ:t] n
gen. 告发
agric. 报告书 (reportare)
busin. 报告 ; 发表; 报单
China, law 报案; 告发 (an offender); 申告; 提出报告
China, polit. 检举
commer. 报告 亦缩为 REPT; 报单 亦缩为 rpt
dril. No. 报表编号
econ. 传说; 议论; 通讯; 正式记录; 转述; 使 报道; 揭发
fin. 报表; 查帐报告
hydroel.st. 记录
interntl.trade. 报告单; 报关单
met. 通报
oil 汇报
sport. 报道; 爆炸声
tech. 报告; 表报; 报告; 报表书
telecom. 通告
textile 报告书; 报到
earth.sc. 报告; 报告书; 记录
report er n
econ. 报告
report [rɪ'pɔ:t] v
gen. 举报; 报导; 报告〔道,到〕; 通〔告〕知; 公〔表,通,汇〕报; 正式 记录; 采访; 传〔转〕述; 传说 (闻); 发送情报; 笔录; 意见〔报告,判决,申请〕书; 枪炮声; 爆炸〔裂〕声; 名声〔誉〕
reporting [rɪ'pɔ:tɪŋ] v
gen. 报道
 English thesaurus
report [rɪ'pɔ:t] abbr.
abbr. rpt.
abbr., law rept.
abbr., oil rep
law a formal account of facts or information; An official or formal statement of facts or proceedings; to record the proceedings of a court of law
law, abbr. repl.
mil., abbr. rept; rprt; rpt
invest., abbr. Reps
law, abbr. Rep.; Repts.
report A visual display of data in a dashboard that can be coordinated with other report views by using filters abbr.
abbr., comp., MS నివేదిక
Report [rɪ'pɔ:t] abbr.
abbr., law Rep. (s, er)
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