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общ. city hall (1. [uncountable] American English the government of a city: The recycling program simply hasn’t been a high priority at City Hall. 2. [countable usually singular] the building a city government uses as its offices. LDOCE • Protesters marched to City Hall. OALD. You will have to apply to City Hall for a building permit. CALD. 1 [count] : a city government's main building — usually singular: The mayor will be giving a speech on the steps of City Hall this afternoon. 2 [noncount] the government of a city: You can't fight city hall. [=the city government always wins]. MWALD Alexander Demidov); urban authorities (Alexander Demidov); city officials (city officials and the national government : many Russians saw the proposed law as an assault on the ownership of private property, despite attempts by city officials and the national government to reassure everyone that their property rights would be protected. -- WP 2017 Игорь Миг)
канад. city (ART Vancouver)
корп.упр. corporation (carmen-passenger)
Макаров. the city authorities
мед. city government
фин. municipal government
юр. town authorities; city authorities
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