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общ. worthy; grandee (a Spanish or Portuguese nobleman of the highest rank ¦ a person of high rank or eminence: several City grandees and eminent lawyers. NOED ▪ And corruption is condoned by powerful grandees in government and business. ▪ Much of his downfall came from an over-zealous and extravagant interpretation of his role and duties as a landowner and grandee. ▪ The grandees of sport and theatre are distressed. ▪ This is doubtful: the electorate, being composed of ordinary people, is less impressionable than Tory grandees. LDOCE Alexander Demidov); prominent figure (Ремедиос_П); boyar (Игорь Миг); big name (a very well-known person, company, product etc: • The company has already signed up some big names to provide the content for its news service. • The plan is supported by some of the biggest names in the US auto industry. LBED Alexander Demidov); mandarin (Игорь Миг)
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