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общ. segregate; isolate; detach; insulate; distinguish; marginalize (bigmaxus); ring-fence (1. to assign (money, a grant, fund, etc) to one particular purpose, so as to restrict its use > to ring-fence a financial allowance 2. to oblige (a person or organization) to use money for a particular purpose > to ring-fence a local authority Example Sentences Including 'ring-fence' Another option was to allow councils to keep the cash but to ring-fence it for social housing. TIMES, SUNDAY TIMES (2002) However, it may be delayed because of the problems of preparing the business for sale and the need to ring-fence its liabilities. INDEPENDENT (1999). Collins Alexander Demidov); keep apart; ghettoize; sequester; fence off (Interex)
биол. enisle
ЕБРР. ringfence (имущество вк)
каб. separate
Макаров. island; fence out; keep aloof; keep oneself to oneself; segregate from; segregate into; stand apart; single out
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