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 рассудительный прил. | фразы
общ. judicious wise; advised; judicial; judicious; sober; judgmatic; discreet; level-headed; prudent; judiciary; sober-minded (Anglophile); cold-minded (AlexiZ); shrewd (Aly19); clear-thinking (Anglophile); level headed; cool-headed; in reason; sage; sensible; well-balanced; cerebral (Moscowtran); well-judging (Lana Falcon); no-nonsense (Игорь Миг); advisable; considerate (Kosarar); intellectually solvent (Игорь Миг); meaningful (Sergei Aprelikov); thoughtful (“Putin has enormous potential, I think,” Mr. Clinton said after the emergence of the new Russian leader. “I think he’s very smart and thoughtful. I think we can do a lot of good with him.” At another point, Mr. Clinton said, “His intentions are generally honorable and straightforward, but he just hasn’t made up his mind yet. He could get squishy on democracy.” The NYT, США (2016) Игорь Миг)
психоан. reasonable
психол. rational
разг. judgmatical; calculating (as in "he was more calculating than others" Val_Ships)
сл. cool
студ. sobe
 рассудительно нареч.
общ. reasonably; soberly (chilin); gravely; prudently; sensibly
бизн. judiciously
ирон. head over heart (Aim to think with your head over your heart today. VLZ_58)
нотар. discreetly
уст. sadly
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