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 оскорблять гл. | фразы
общ. offend; insult ( lalatique); abuse ( Mermaiden); affront; revile; violate; desecrate; hector; cause offence; give offence; humiliate; lout (кого-л.); heap obloquy upon (кого-л.); kick in the teeth (кого-л.); dishonor; do violence to; be rude to smb. (кого-л.); hate on smt (akimboesenko); engage in harassment (bigmaxus); blaspheme; smart (чувства); insult; assault; bruise; cause; defile; mortify; hurl insults at (VLZ_58); disparage; slangwhang; revile against (This man doth revile against our laws which are just, and our wise a lawyers whom we have selected. Игорь Миг); huff; dishonour; speak daggers; call names (обзывать, кого-л.); injure; call someone awful things (4uzhoj); shock (I. Havkin); pique (VLZ_58); attack verbally (Игорь Миг); inveigh (mark.B)
австрал., сл. chew the buns off smb. (кого-л.); rip into; throw mud at
амер., разг. dis (преим.; кого-л.)
амер.англ. go off on (Taras)
Макаров. do violence to smth.; hurt; kick smb. in the teeth (кого-л.); drub (В.И.Макаров); call names (кого-л.); cause offence to smb. (кого-л.); fling an insult at (кого-л.); hurl an insult at (кого-л.); inflict an indignity on smb. (кого-л); revile at; sling mud at smb. (кого-л.); spark off stir up outrage; spark to stir up outrage; stir up outrage; take a jab at smb. (кого-л.); play the dozens (обыкн. об афроамериканцах; кого-л.)
Макаров., амер. spark outrage
Макаров., англ. spark off outrage
Макаров., разг., амер. trash-talk (соперника)
Макаров., разг., н.-зел., австрал. chuck off at
мульт. кого-л. dis smb (Remember how she dissed you at the costume contest? South_Park)
разг. blister; hassle; diss (treat, mention, or speak to rudely (http://wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=diss) Antonio); flatten; joe (австрал; кого-л.); rot; verbally abuse (SirReal); rough (He lost no chance of roughing him in his replies. VLZ_58)
сл. clobber; give someone hell; mess around with; кого-л. take a dig at someone (Interex); кого-л. take a jab at someone (Interex); dis ('More); talk shit (SirReal); beak (Trash talk. "Donnie beaked him all game and buddy just snapped." VLZ_58)
табу., амер., негр., сл. cap on (кого-л.); come down on somebody (см. go down on somebody кого-л.)
табу., амер., разг. put down
табу., амер., сл. chew (кого-л.)
уст. кого-л. be in somebody's beard (Bobrovska); кого-л. run in somebody's beard (Bobrovska)
фраз. cut down (To insult, to belittle. Interex)
шотл. card
 оскорбляемый гл.
рел. reviled
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