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 полезные советы | фразы
общ. handy tips (Ofelia); helpful hints (Andrey Truhachev); tips (tips and techniques ART Vancouver); hacks (Rapunzel); valuable guidelines (maystay); tips and tricks (bigmaxus)
вчт. hints and tips
комп. connecting tips (tyndra)
 полезный совет
общ. wrinkle; wholesome advice; helpful advice (Svetlana D); A word to the wise (If I can give you a word to the wise, I would suggest going to the courthouse about an hour before your trial. Maria Klavdieva); lifehack (patetlao)
австрал., разг. the drum
комп. helpful hint
Майкр. Tip of the Day A tip that provides useful information about product features for the user. A new tip is displayed each day
прогр. cookie (ssn)
разг. a thing or two (Why don't you ask Andrew about it ? He knows a thing or two. Val_Ships)
рекл. profitable advice
 'полезные советы' рубрика
образн. рубрика life hack (Vadim Rouminsky); рубрика lifehack (Vadim Rouminsky)
  полезные советы: 20 фраз в 6 тематиках
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