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общ. visitant; out-of-towner; outsider (Andrew Goff); comer (bookworm); out-of-town visitor (в городе denghu); out of towner; new citizen; visiter; newly arrived; on tour; city slicker (из города в деревню: A stupid city boy who does not know how to the following: .ride a horse .rope a cow .know the meaning of hard work Игорь Миг); entrant (в страну); visiting; stranger (Andrew Goff); non resident; passing through; прилаг. guest (Meet guest writers from the Madison area. I. Havkin)
Gruzovik newcomer (as noun)
амер. pilgrim; out-of-town (as in "out-of town client" Val_Ships)
Макаров. non-resident
разг. accommodations for newcomers; lodgings for newcomers
эк. visitor
 приезжая прил.
Gruzovik newcomer; visitor; guest
Gruzovik, разг. accommodations for newcomers (as noun); lodgings for newcomers (as noun)
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