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 знать своё дело | фразы
общ. know what one is about (Игорь Primo); to be professional (visitor); know one's stuff (быть компетентным специалистом: If someone knows his/her stuff, it means the person is very knowledgeable and skilled in that area - This carpenter really knows his stuff because he has 30 years of experience. Bullfinch); be no slouch (Игорь Миг)
амер. keep eyes on the ball
идиом. know the ropes (Andrey Truhachev); know your stuff (When it comes to growing vegetables, Uncle Ken sure knows his stuff. He's been growing veggies in his back garden for forty years! kentgrant)
Макаров. be on the ball; know one's business; know one's job; know one's stuff
разг. have the chops (I don't have great chops as a singer, but I'm determined to get better. Slivas); know what you're doing (SirReal)
сл. know one's onions; know one's stuff; know one's business; know one's oil; know one's oats; know one's goulash; know one's bananas; know one's beans; know one's goods; know one's groceries; know one's fruit
 знать свое дело
общ. know oats; know trade
амер., сл. know how many beans make five; know beans
Макаров. know one's trade
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