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общ. take cue from (The architects took their cue for the design of the new hotel from the nearby banks. - при проектировании здания новой гостиницы были учтены архитектурные особенности рядом расположенных зданий банков Игорь Миг); take; take into account; consider (What are the most important parameter to consider when purchasing a PCR machine from a company? I. Havkin); calculate; register; stock; discount; bear in mind; keep in mind; have in mind; take account of; allow; make allowance for; account; consult (интересы); heed; reckon; reckon in; include; make allowances (что-л.); take account; factor in (If you factor a particular cost or element into a calculation you are making, or if you factor it in, you include it. (mainly AM) Using a computer model they factored in the costs of transplants for those women who die... You'd better consider this and factor this into your decision making. CCALED. However, we must factor in the added impact of community-based telecommunications. Granada Alexander Demidov); интересы, потребности meet interests: address interests; accommodate needs, interests;suit (wordfiend); count; square up (что-л.); recognize (bookworm); incorporate (bookworm); take cognizance of (Leonid Dzhepko); take note (Vanda Voytkevych); make allowance; take aboard (bookworm); factor (factor smth into/in smth - учитывать в... Баян); meet (Alexander Matytsin); take care of (Orzhakhovskiy); take heed of (The Committee should take heed of those priorities. Игорь Миг); take heed (Игорь Миг); accommodate (напр., интересы, сведения и т.д. kee46); make allowance for (в знач. "делать поправку на"  4uzhoj); make allowance for (for smth - что-л.; to consider something when making a plan or doing a calculation ) My calculations make allowance for two paid employees.  4uzhoj); take advantage of (Orzhakhovskiy); address (Alexander Matytsin); bear in view; steward (sbmt); taken into consideration (oleg.vigodsky); entertain the notion of (elvit); note (art_fortius); give consideration to (что-л./кого-л. platon); take on board (BT said the report was wrong and failed to take on board the company's submissions to the committee // The Guardian 4uzhoj); respect (Tanya Gesse); accounter (AlexP73); look to; pay due regard to (MichaelBurov); pay due consideration to (MichaelBurov); make inventory (of); take stock (of); cater; track (Tiny Tony); что-л. be sensitive to (Игорь Миг); cater to (The school curriculum should cater to the upcoming needs of adolescents for their enabling capacity to make choices. Игорь Миг); factor into (And yet, of course, that little intangible piece of data doesn't factor into our GDP calculations. Игорь Миг); play into the calculation (Игорь Миг); react to (SirReal); bare in mind (suburbian); pay heed to (I would urge you, Commissioner, to pay heed to the opinion of this House, which I believe has worked productively in this business. Игорь Миг)
Gruzovik take inventory of (impf учесть)
банк. negotiate
бизн. entertain; record; be sensitive (be sensitive to the economic and social priorities ART Vancouver); reflect (e.g. Please review the final version of Report revised to reflect the latest changes - Прошу ознакомиться с заключительным вариантом Отчета, отредактированным с учетом последних изменений. mikhailS)
бухг. tally (количество груза); discount a note (вексель; см.также cash discount; trade discount); discount (вексель; см.также cash discount; trade discount); cumulate (расходы Iван); book (the payments were booked as repayment of the principal - платежи были учтены в счет погашения основной суммы долга Vladimir)
лит. legislate (что-то (употребляется с предлогом for) Marta Kohler)
Макаров. allow for (что-л.); cater for; keep track of; pay respect to; reckon with; square up to (что-л.); take in; take smth. into account (что-л.); take smth. on board (пожелание, замечание); take stock; plan for; reckon without; appreciate; figure on; give consideration (что-л.); have regard to (In considering whether to exercise this discretion the court must have regard to whether the application to be set aside or vary was made promptly. CME. the court must have regard to the principle of welfare. NOED. When exercising its discretion the court will have regard to all the circumstances. LDOCE Alexander Demidov); include (при подсчёте); keep account of (осуществлять бухгалтерский учёт); keep records (вести документацию); meter (регистрировать отпущенную электроэнергию, газ и т.п.); take into consideration; follow up
Макаров., амер. square off (что-л.)
мат. account for; take account of (напр., члены высоких порядков в разложении); rely on; use; be based on; rest on; lean against; bear up against; lean upon; no rigorous upper bound on the error, however sharp, can satisfactorily take account of но не for the statistical nature of rounding error
научн. introduce (какой-л. фактор igisheva)
офиц. be sensible to (e.g., local customs, ethnic background, etc. ART Vancouver)
пат. allow for
перен. respond to (SirReal)
полит. realize (ssn)
разг. know (q3mi4)
сахал. be an input (for); include (expenditure); cater for (expenditure)
стр. take in account
судостр. contemplate
тех. make provision for (Vanda Voytkevych)
фин. measure
эк. make allowances; take on discount; что-л. be responsive to (A.Rezvov); take into account (принимать во внимание); take into consideration (принимать во внимание)
эк., Макаров. discount (дисконтировать)
эконометр. переменную control for (Jack the Lad); переменную adjust for (Jack the Lad)
юр. honor (требования и т.п. sankozh)
 учитываться гл.
общ. count towards (при расчете и т.п. Anglophile); be up for; allow (for); make inventory (of); take into account; take into consideration; take stock (of); factor into (Игорь Миг); be factored into (Rarely are environmental concerns factored into security, development or humanitarian strategies. Игорь Миг); be part of the conversation (SirReal)
бухг. be recognized (Alexander Demidov)
Макаров. come into account; be up for; be considered
мат. be taken into consideration; be considered in
стр. be covered by (например, затраты учитываются в бюджете Sheila)
фин. discount; be recognised (The loan or credit interests are not recognised as a tax deductible cost for a period in which a loan or credit exceeds a triple share capital value. kentgrant)
 учитывая нареч.
общ. in respect that; considering; in light (q3mi4); keeping in mind (напр., keeping in mind the social and human implications of the reform proposals, the Director-General gave instructions (...) Игорь Миг); with (Viacheslav Volkov); providing; with respect to; taking into consideration (учитывая, что - taking into consideration that / the fact that chistochel); In the light of (MichaelBurov); in recognition of (Stas-Soleil); allowing for (Andrey Truhachev); in view (Игорь Миг); что-л. amid (Игорь Миг); in view of; in consideration of (...); given the fact that (twinkie); in light of (MichaelBurov); given (e.g., given the leading role of ... Stas-Soleil); given that (Grana); following on from (Игорь Миг); by taking into account (Johnny Bravo); through a lens of (Игорь Миг); mindful of (Игорь Миг); due to ((контекстное значение) Due to the fairly complicated health issues that Taz has, we have decided he will stay in palliative care with his foster family. I. Havkin); by virtue of (Russia and China by virtue of their geography, size and resources, sit at the centre of this geopolitical transformation now just getting underway. Игорь Миг); without concern over (Thus, drillable removal of the device and seal element may be readily attained without undue concern over stretchable tearing of the element Игорь Миг)
бизн. in anticipation (MichaelBurov)
дип. being aware
Макаров. with due regard for
мат. with due regard; with provision for; having regard to; seeing; taking into account; granting; bearing in mind
сахал. in view of the fact
сахал.р. on this basis
судостр. in the face of (что-л.)
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