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общ. standard of living (the amount of money and comfort people have in a particular society: » The standard of living in many developing countries is low. CALD. a decline in the country's living standards. LDOCE Alexander Demidov); social standard of living (bigmaxus); society standard of living (bigmaxus); LIVING STANDARDS OF THE POPULATION (tlumach); living standard (the level of comfort and the amount of money that people have SYN standard of living: Living standards have improved over the last century. rising living standards. There’s been a decline in the living standards of old people. LDOCE. to provide a minimum living standard for our 150 million people — M.S.Eccles. WTNI Alexander Demidov); living standards (Living standards or living standard is used to refer to the level of comfort in which people live, which usually depends on how much money they have. Cheaper housing would vastly improve the living standards of ordinary people... Critics say his reforms have caused the fall in living standards. CCB Alexander Demidov)
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