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 mate's receipt | фразы
общ. штурманская расписка (A document signed by the mate of a ship as proof that the goods specified in the document have been loaded onto his ship, especially if they have been delivered direct to the ship, rather than from a quayside warehouse. The mate's receipt functions as a document of title, which may be required as proof of loading in a free on board (FOB) contract, pending the issue of the bill of lading. OB&M Alexander Demidov)
бизн. расписка помощника капитана в приёме груза
мор. расписка помощника капитана судна
эк. расписка помощника капитана (в приеме груза); расписка помощника капитана в принятии груза
юр. расписка грузового помощника капитана
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