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 zero tolerance policy | фразы
общ. короткий разговор (He has a “zero tolerance” policy for offenders who violate their court-ordered treatment, requiring them to appear before him within 36 hours after testing positive for drugs. 4uzhoj); политика полного неприятия (ask1962)
банк. политика "нулевой терпимости" (tlumach)
ООН. политика абсолютной нетерпимости (ask1962)
 zero-tolerance policy
общ. ответственный подход (A zero-tolerance policy in schools is a strict enforcement of regulations and bans against undesirable behaviors or possession of items. Public criticism against such policies have arisen due to their enforcement and the resulting (sometimes devastating) consequences when the behavior or possession was done in ignorance, by accident, or under extenuating circumstances. WK Alexander Demidov); политика нетерпимости (Anglophile)
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