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общ. meathead (Anglophile); bonehead; nitwit; gork (Anglophile); loony (Anglophile); rockhead (Anglophile); ignoramus (Andrew Goff); stupid fuck (Dude67); crackpot (scherfas); rugger-bugger (разг. ///She took off with some rugger-bugger... on our honeymoon tickets to Rio.Моя невеста сбежала с каким-то придурком и забрала наши билеты на медовый месяц в Рио. Игорь Миг); jackass (разг., руг. Игорь Миг); nutjob (Игорь Миг); feeb; dimwit (Tanya Gesse); so-and-so; deadneck; patch; wanker (руг., груб. / Jonah Jones, a pathetic wanker who will die alone in a flat full of pigeons that he calls his babies. Игорь Миг); piece of shit (At least one presidential candidate in the 2016 US election is a piece of shit, and it's not Hillary Clinton. Игорь Миг); fucker (груб., руг. "I got a little baby I want to bring out here and hold by the firelight," Doc says. "I just don't want all these other fuckers around while I'm doin' it." He says he wants to bring his daughter, too. -- motherjones.17 Игорь Миг); clot (ad_notam); tit (ad_notam); real nut job (... the photo of Russian officials grinning and chuckling with President Trump, reportedly while the president let slip some confidential information and referred to James Comey as crazy, a real nut job.npr.us.17 Игорь Миг); idiot (Putin won a disbelieving look from the moderator when he likened the U.S. accusations of election interference to anti-Semitism: "The guy's an idiot and he keeps blaming the Jews: The Jews did it!" - bl.us.17 Игорь Миг); nut job (Игорь Миг); jerkoff (I'm walking around town like a total jerkoff Игорь Миг); whack job (Игорь Миг); chump (Игорь Миг); numbnut (vogeler); imbecile (Putin called him “an imbecile.”  Игорь Миг); bonker balls (Игорь Миг); weirdo (I should be your husband... not that weirdo. Игорь Миг); wack-a-doodle (Игорь Миг); schlub (vogeler)
амер. bozo (Bozo,you have again get caught in сrap, but now to you don't get off lightly! Придурок,ты снова ввалился в это дерьмо,но теперь тебе дёшево не отделаться! Rust71); junkhole (exnomer); doofus (Val_Ships); mutt (short of "muttonhead" Val_Ships); creep (Daisy********); loof (MartiniDetka); meatball (разг. kentgrant)
амер.англ. putz (Anglophile); dipstick (Anglophile); dorf (Anglophile); droid (Anglophile); dumbo (Anglophile); no-account (Anglophile); schloomp (Anglophile); schmendrick (Anglophile); schmuck (Anglophile); simp (Anglophile); gonzo (Anglophile); gump (Anglophile); gunsel (Anglophile); moron, dimwit, dumbbell, imbecile (Maggie); golem (Anglophile); sicko (Taras); shmuck (variant spelling of schmuck Denis Lebedev)
бран. prawn (CHichhan)
брит. div (macrugenus); bugger (mainly UK/Aus/NZ term) The original meaning (sodomite) has been in declining use since 60s/70s and is now rare. In 9 of 10 cases it's simply as a mild slang word for 'person') e.g., I've had a letter from those stupid buggers at the tax office. / He's a silly bugger for losing his keys. / That bugger′s given me the wrong change. mviformat)
груб. dumbass (Alex Krayevsky)
жарг. bananahead (nicknicky777)
идиш. shlimazl (MichaelBurov); shmendrik (SGints)
мульт. choad (Aw, come on Stan, maybe that's just because you look like a total choad South_Park)
презр. ass-hat (luminorena)
разг. twit (Anglophile); gaga (Anglophile); pudding head (Anglophile); rattlebrain (Anglophile); twerp (Anglophile); simpleton (Andrey Truhachev); basket case (Taras); momo (Tamerlane); sucker (Анна Ф); dope (Anglophile); Punchinello (a stupid one Andrey Truhachev); loon (Taras); moron (an idiot Val_Ships); faggot (A word used to describe someone who's acting like a faggot. Faggot doesn't mean gay in this context, it just means someone's being a fucking faggot. I'd never call a gay guy faggot, but if someone tells me something fuckin stupid, that faggot can eat a dick Yeldar Azanbayev); dullard; softhead; pothead; patcher; tool (chronik); creeper (joyand); goofball (VLZ_58)
руг. prat (Clepa); circus freak (Taras); shitheel (My roommate during my freshman year of college was a shitheel Игорь Миг); d-bag (сокращение от douche bag cherryberry); asshole (My neighbor's kid is a worthless asshole who can't even drive a lawnmower in a straight line Игорь Миг); dork (nicknicky777); jerk (nicknicky777); shithead (nicknicky777); prick (nicknicky777); butthead (nicknicky777)
сл. droob (Anglophile); dude; pillock (Svetlana D); goofer (Anglophile); goofus (Anglophile); goopus (Anglophile); hammerhead (Anglophile); saddo (Vic_Ber); gomer (Franka_LV); Adam Henry (AH for asshole Svetlana D); mortadella итал. амер. (С. Г. Чадов); spuz (broco); jag (=jag-off Igor Klenovy); lard-head (Taras); Spaz; dingus (Technical); doofy (Technical); divvy (BrE Anglophile); dorк (Anglophile); wally (VLZ_58); It; lame-brain; lame-brained; not all there; dipshit; fossil; jellybean; Jerk McGee; jerk-off; klutz; lamb; nougat; nut; nut-case; nutcase; one-eye; ook; retard; yo-yo yoyo; fuckhead (Answer me that, fuckheads! — А ну, отвечайте, придурки! Andy); bada (sensaurus); cheeseball (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cheeseball Щапов Андрей); stuka (Technical); dickbiscuit (Victoria_X); burk (Pigalle); ijit (Prastabah); mentally challenged (the mentally challenged Yeldar Azanbayev); cockwaffle (Technical)
табу. twat (Alex Krayevsky); douche bag (Ana_net)
фам. dumb-ass (Andrey Truhachev)
 придурки сущ.
общ. pridurki ( Maggie)
тюремн. trusties
 слэнг. придурок сущ.
общ. mug (Alex Lilo)
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