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 dignitary ['dɪgnɪt(ə)rɪ] сущ. | фразы
общ. сановник (особ. церковный); прелат; занимающее высокий пост лицо; высокий гость; высокое должностное лицо; лицо, занимающее высокий пост; публичное должностное лицо (Alexander Demidov); почётное лицо (Рина Грант)
Gruzovik сановница
воен. официальное лицо; почётный гость
полит. высокопоставленное лицо (ssn)
церк. обладающий высоким саном
 dignitaries сущ.
общ. первые лица (Alexander Demidov); видные люди (Besides former French President Nikolas Sarkozy, the Forum was attended by a number of high-profile politicians and dignitaries |||The American Interest, США (2016) Игорь Миг); крупные фигуры (Игорь Миг); важные люди (She was meeting with dignitaries, traveling to different countries. Игорь Миг); видные государственные деятели (The Group had an extensive programme of meetings and consultations with a wide range of national leaders and dignitaries. Игорь Миг); лица высокого ранга (We are also pleased to see all the foreign ministers and dignitaries who are here today. Игорь Миг); государственные деятели (It is my hope that a greater number of foreign dignitaries from capitals will address the Conference next year. Игорь Миг); почётные гости (These programmes have included many dignitaries. Игорь Миг); высокопоставленные представители государства (We are also happy to join other speakers in welcoming the other foreign ministers and dignitaries who are here this afternoon. Игорь Миг); высокопоставленные официальные лица (Игорь Миг); видные представители (напр., гражданского общества /////// We are particularly encouraged by the formation in early September of a peace network comprising several church and civil society dignitaries. Игорь Миг); заметные фигуры (Игорь Миг); высокопоставленные чиновники (The kind of vehicle dignitaries or government agents use Игорь Миг); высокопоставленные должностные лица (The Conference benefited considerably from the visits of dignitaries and high-level officials. Игорь Миг); известные деятели (A Committee on Confidence-Building Measures was formed, composed of local dignitaries, in order to win popular support for the unification process. Игорь Миг); высокопоставленные почётные гости (The fourth session of the World Urban Forum opened with a welcoming ceremony followed by statements by dignitaries and key partners. Игорь Миг); политические деятели (If I can get a deadly gas into a room full of political dignitaries without detection, imagine what our enemies can do. Игорь Миг); видные деятели (Due to its close proximity to the United Nations, it has long been home to visiting dignitaries, diplomats and heads of state. Игорь Миг); старейшины (конт.! //// In addition to national political figures, the victims of extrajudicial executions included university professors and students, trade union leaders, human rights advocates, indigenous dignitaries, members of religious orders, leaders of displaced communities, municipal officials, journalists and many peasants and workers. |||| ООН Игорь Миг); племенная знать (конт.! Игорь Миг); высшие должностные лица (In accordance with the procedure followed at previous Conferences, the speaking times proposed will be allotted as follows: 7 minutes for dignitaries, 5 minutes for States and 3 minutes for observers. Игорь Миг)
собир. сановничество
 dignitary Of or relating to such a person ['dɪgnɪt(ə)rɪ] прил.
рел. Of or relating to such a person сановный
церк. сановный
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