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 командированный прил. | фразы
общ. detached; business traveller (Anglophile); seconded (ABelonogov); secondee (Alexander Demidov); business traveler (also business traveller. All over, hotel minibars and surcharges continue to be a major irritant for business travelers. This information would be an extremely useful service to the traveller seeking to cut his travel costs. Granada Spanish Dict. But if you look at Luanda in Angola or Entebbe in Uganda, you have people visiting friends and family as well as business travelers. That's only going to grow as Russian oil and gas and mining businesses invest there. TMT Alexander Demidov); on business; person on business (as noun); in an official capacity (AniJ); on a mission
бизн. out-of-town businessman (сущ. Находящийся в командировке (с точки зрения местного населения) masizonenko)
Макаров. detached for service
юр. posted (Leonid Antonenko)
Gruzovik, воен. detached for duty
 командировать прил.
общ. send; detach; second (Lavrov); post smb. to (bookworm); send on an official trip (kanareika); send on a business trip (kanareika); send on a mission trip (kanareika); send on an assignment trip (kanareika); send on mission; assign (impf and pf); dispatch; post (impf and pf); send on a mission (impf and pf); send on an assignment (impf and pf); send on an official business (impf and pf); detach for outside duty; field (… and staff were only fielded to those missions for similar periods. Игорь Миг)
сахал. delegate
эк. send on entrepot
 командируемый прил.
общ. secondee (Alexander Demidov); business traveller (Alexander Demidov); assignee (4uzhoj)
 командирован прил.
юр. sent on a business trip (Elina Semykina)
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