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общ. news ticker (stock ticker (на финансовых каналах) gchupin); travelling line (kutsch); autocue, teleprompter (freestyler); ticker (Bullfinch); marquee (Александр Рыжов); scrolling text (Create scrolling text with this HTML marquee code. Text scrolls left or right. Zooms in from left. Zooms in from right. Bounce up and down, left and right. Alexander Demidov); tickertape (These moments, as Gordon Strachan said afterwards, are what football should be about, a chance to escape from the daily tickertape of breaking news about the trivial and an opportunity to cherish players who appeal more to the heart than the head. http://www.wordnik.com/words/tickertape Alexander Demidov); ticker tape (1. [uncountable] long narrow paper on which information or news is printed by a special machine as soon as events have happened 2. [singular] FINANCE a computer screen that shows information about the buying and selling of shares: • Several large trades showed on the ticker tape. LBED Alexander Demidov); ticker tape crawl (... out his administration's response to the corporate scandals early in his first term, cable news networks helpfully ran an electronic ticker tape crawl at the bottom ... The European economic numbers flow across my computer screen, not quite as quickly as the ticker tape crawl at CNBC or Bloomberg, but there are a lot of ... There was no accompanying music video on-screen, only primitive rolls of public service announcements (“PSAs”) with an Associated Press ticker-tape crawl ... Alexander Demidov); crawling text (What is crawling text? It's the text that scrolls horizontally across the bottom of the screen, and unfortunately it's not easy to do with Final Cut Pro X's built-in tools. Alexander Demidov)
вчт. Ticker bar (Renaissance)
комп.игр. newsticker (Амбарцумян)
Майкр. Marquee component; marquee component A control or component on a page that displays moving text; marquee Moving text that is used on a data access page to draw the user's attention to a specific page element, such as a headline or an important announcement
рекл. running letters (световая реклама); scrolling text neon sign (VLZ_58); crawling lights (VLZ_58); moving message display sign (VLZ_58); marqеe (Надежда Романова)
СМИ. rolling ticker (англ. термин взят из новостного сообщения CNN, США Alex_Odeychuk)
сокр. crawline (4uzhoj)
тлв. roll captions; roll titles; roller captions; roller titles; «crawler» message (alex); creeping line (Taras); crawl (Еленан); crawl line; «crawler» (alex)
 бегущей строки
общ. variable message display (в автобусе Serge Ragachewski)
 Бегущая строка
рекл. LED scrolling sign (m_rakova)
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