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 по кочану и т. п.
разг. и т. п. just because (Vadim Rouminsky)
фам. because the day of the week ends in “y” (Почему? - По кочану! - Why? - Because the day of the week ends in “y” Yanick); the answer's a lemon ('My Cumbrian grandmother when asked a question would reply, "The answer's a lemon". "Why?" we asked - "Suck it and see," was her response' - Janet C. Egan (2000). ( http://forum.lingvo.ru/actualthread.aspx?bid=20&tid=30381&hl=genuine) Soulbringer)
 По кочану
разг. The answer is a lemon ("The answer is a lemon" means an unsatisfactory response - http://www.crosswordsolver.org/forum/47174/guardian-24939 dimock)