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 пудрить мозги | фразы
общ. do a snow-job on someone (Anglophile); jive (Anglophile); scramble brains (Дмитрий_Р); pitch a line (Игорь Миг); кому-л. pitch someone a line (Игорь Миг); blow smoke (= To speak with a lack of credibility, sense, purpose, or truth; to speak nonsense. : Are these "statistics" they cite verifiable, or are they just blowing smoke, trying to scare people? / Игорь Миг); crap (Игорь Миг); mess with sb's head (Tumatutuma); sell fictions that (Игорь Миг); sugar coat (Here is the deal man... I cannot keep sugar coating this for you. Игорь Миг); send mixed signals (When a guy sends mixed signals to a girl, it takes a toll on her psychological well-being. Игорь Миг); brag (Игорь Миг); brainwash (Stregoy)
австрал., сл. pull a swiftie
амер.англ. pitch yarn (Anglophile); give razzmatazz (Anglophile)
груб. break one's balls (Alex Lilo)
идиом. fill someone's head with nonsense (george serebryakov)
Макаров., разг. break one's balls
перен. wrap the mind (maystay)
посл., диал. throw dust in somebody’s eyes
разг. fool (Asterite); bosh (VLZ_58); pull the wool over someone's eyes (stop pulling the wool over my eyes - хватит пудрить мне мозги! Ин.яз); mess with someone's head (VLZ_58); stuff head with (Tex thought that the government was stuffing peoples' heads with all sorts of propaganda. george serebryakov)
редк. play mind games with (4uzhoj)
сл. bullshit (markovka); snow (Your rent's going up, your strata fees are going up, so don't try to snow me on this stuff. - не надо мне мозги пудрить ART Vancouver)
 'пудрить мозги'
руг. mind-fuck
сл. snow job
 пудрить кому-л. мозги
общ. feed somebody a line (Игорь Миг)
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