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 моногород сущ.
общ. company town (Марат Каюмов); monotown (Within the W.T.O., Moscow will have fewer means to support inefficient industries against competition from abroad. This could cause problems for the 460 monotowns, which rely on one factory or industry for jobs and public utilities. NYT Alexander Demidov); mono-city (населенный пункт, экономическая деятельность в котором тесно связана с единственным предприятием или группой тесно интегрированных между собой предприятий (the notion of a threat to national defence and security covers factors endangering the vital interest of a person and of society, such as massive dismissals of personnel, especially in circumpolar areas or mono-cities) (OECD report) Nivakaame); factory-based town (Alexander Matytsin); factory town (A Russian defense plant was, in some ways, a throw-back to a US factory-town. A "town-forming enterprise" completely provides for urban activity and permanently participates in different programs of social purposes. VLZ_58)
горн. one-factory town (Olga Fomicheva)
полит. one-company town (MichaelBurov)
эк. single-industry city (В. Бузаков); single-industry town (В. Бузаков); factory based town (Alexander Matytsin); mono-industry town (Sergei Aprelikov); industry-based town (Alexander Matytsin)