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 offer price | фразы
общ. цена предложения (schnuller); цена размещения (the price at which a company is willing to sell shares. MED. The offer price for a particular stock or share is the price that the person selling it says that they want for it. [BUSINESS] > See also asking price, bid price BET shares closed just above the offer price, up 1.5p at 207p. CCB. 1) The price at which a security is offered for sale by a market maker Compare bid price 2) The price at which an institution will sell units in a unit trust. OB&M Alexander Demidov); цена для размещения (the price that is offered for shareholders' shares during a takeover of a company (= taking control of it), or the total price of all these shares: The steel company launched a bid for its main rival, with an offer price of $3.40 per share. a total offer price of 5 million euros › ( also offered price, offering price, ask price, asked price, asking price) STOCK MARKET the price at which someone offers a share or bond for sale: The share price fell to 150p, below last year's offer price of 170p. > See also bid price. Cambridge Business English Dictionary Alexander Demidov)
банк. цена продавца; запрашиваемая цена; курс, предлагаемый продавцом ценных бумаг; предлагать цену
инвест. цена продажи
 offered price
банк. курс предложения; курс продавца; цена продавца
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