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 пространство для манёвра судна | фразы
общ. судна berth (DrRats); margins of manoeuvre (Ремедиос_П); space to manoeuvre (disk_d); flexibility (Moscowtran); leeway (e.g., In this case, you get some leeway with your pricing. / Local councils will be given some leeway as to how they implement the legislation. 4uzhoj); wiggle room (joyand); stepping stone (Игорь Миг); wriggle room (By caveating its ban with the provision that Russian athletes who could “prove” they are clean would be allowed to compete in Pyeongchang, the IOC left itself with wriggle room.GUARDIAN Игорь Миг)
дип. room for manoeuvre
МВФ. headroom
образн. trade space (Leshek)
полит. margin for maneuver (Alex_Odeychuk)
 пространство для совершения манёвра
воен. maneuver space (Киселев)
 'пространство для манёвра'
муз. room to blow (Andy)
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