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 представлять интересы | фразы
общ. promote interests (yo); act for (act for somebody | act on behalf of somebody: to be employed to deal with somebody’s affairs for them, for example by representing them in court. OALD Alexander Demidov)
Макаров. defend the interests
эк. represent the interests
юр. represent (в тексте доверенности: X hereby authorizes and appoints Y to represent X at the Ministry of Justice (X доверяет Y представлять интересы X в министерстве юстиции) Leonid Dzhepko); act for and on behalf of (доверителя, например 4uzhoj); act in the name and on behalf of (4uzhoj); act on behalf of (as in: Proprietor’s Agent will be authorised to act on behalf of the Proprietor in respect of all matters arising out of or in connection with this Agreement and to sign the Agreement on behalf of the Proprietor. 4uzhoj)
 представлять интерес
общ. intrigue; be of interest; of interest (oleg.vigodsky); to be of interest; be not without interest (Представляют интерес = Not without interest are. Not without interest are the facts that his first wife was fifteen years older then he, his second wife fifteen years younger, and the latter survived him by fifteen ... | Also not without interest are his references to the descendants of the Portuguese soldiers, who had come with Christovao da Gama, and had remained in the ... Alexander Demidov); be advantageous (This method may be advantageous where it is desired to have a materially increased section of metal. I. Havkin); appeal; not to be irrelevant (Игорь Миг)
Макаров. be of some interest; be of concern
мат. be of interest (не представлять интереса)
юр. be attractive (для кого-л. Leonid Dzhepko)
 представлять чьи-л. интересы
общ. plead (в суде)
дип. represent interests
полит. represent somebody's interests
эк. plead
 представляет интерес
общ. it is of interest
Макаров. the case is of interest
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