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 ставленник сущ. | фразы
общ. protege; creature; placeman; henchman; puppet (izet); stooge (Loskutov, however, on Friday denied that either he or the Russian government had leaked the tape. The recording appears to have been released to drive a wedge between the EU and Washington, and to discredit Ukraine's opposition as US stooges. 4uzhoj); candidate for holy orders; ordinand; lackey (Mosley Leigh); toady (Mosley Leigh); hand-picked successor (конктекстуально grafleonov); sycophant (Игорь Миг); minion (Aly19); political appointee (Игорь Миг); flunky (Игорь Миг); point man (Juan Guaido: Imperial Point Man for a Venezuelan Civil War Игорь Миг)
полит. appointee
 'ставленники' сущ.
полит. henchmen; stooges; supporters
 ставленники сущ.
общ. proxies (Such weapon smuggling — or should I say transfer — reflects a menacing pattern by two particular Member States that use terrorist proxies to sow violence and endless bloodshed. Игорь Миг); surrogates (Игорь Миг)
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