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 целесообразный прил. | фразы
общ. economic; efficient; good (to have good reason to believe - иметь все основания считать); well; candidate; viable (Lavrov); desirable (Lavrov); practic; teleologic; helpful (bookworm); expedient; necessary (vbadalov); rational; sound; practical (Adjective that describes an idea or plan that IS feasible or usable because if has been successfully tried or proven by past experience and is fit for actual practice Sakhalin Energy); expediential; effectual; beneficial (иногда подходит по контексту Tanya Gesse); practicable (1. able to be done or put into practice successfully. 2. useful. COED Alexander Demidov); advantageous; realistic; practicability; consequent; relevant (eugenealper); opportunistic (См. пример в статье "рациональный". I. Havkin)
вчт. feasible
корп.упр. wise (igisheva)
Макаров. profitable; judicious; payable; reasonable; teleological; worth-while
мат. appropriate; suitable; worthwhile
мед. reasonable (о методе лечения)
пат. practicable; preferred
психоан. advisable
сахал. sensible; prudent
судостр. consistent
эк. useful (It is useful - целесообразно San-Sanych); makes economic sense (букв. - имеет экономический смысл Alex_Odeychuk); makes sense (Alex_Odeychuk); cost-effective (A.Rezvov)
 целесообразен прил.
мат. is appropriate; worthwhile
 Чингай прил.
геогр. Chingay (Сахалин grafleonov)
 целесообразно нареч.
общ. effectually; It makes sense (Ewgenij71); there are good reasons to (Slawjanka); expediently (CSB); makes sense sometimes fits (Tanya Gesse); worth (целесообразно отметить, что = it is worth mentioning that Alexander Demidov); it is worth (To receive as much space energy as possible it is worth to provide large contact area. I. Havkin); advisably (From Klimzo Ru-En Целесообразно - it is advantageous (+ inf.), it is advisable (+ inf.), it is expedient (+ inf.), it is instructive (+ inf.), it is wise (+ inf.), it is good practice (+ inf.); it is prudent (+ inf.) Before accepting a solution it is advisable to carry out a tracking analysis. In these cases, it is wise to minimize the amount of lubricant used in the bearing. Therefore, it is advantageous to use a fine infeed and adjust the speed ratio accordingly to obtain a given interference angle. Before entering into satellite design considerations, it is instructive to recall the practical aspects related with the achievement of such an orbit. It is good practice to turn the setscrew in small increments, testing the pulling force on the clutch shift lever after each adjustment. From Zimmerman (Ru-En) см. тж. когда это целесообразно; полезно; рекомендуется • It is appropriate to consider this topic in more detail. • It makes sense to classify rocks according to ... • A patient with haemolytic anaemia is best admitted to hospital. • There is good reason to consider the weathering of ... • It is profitable (or well) to consider the ways in which points can be arranged to give a repeating array. • Some of these features merit close examination. • It is worthwhile investigating the behaviour of a gas. • It is sometimes worthwhile to dehumidify the inlet gas by ... • It is advantageous to use ... • It is more expeditious to make use of ... • Here it is wise (or advisable, or expedient, or good practice) to build a wooden platform a few inches from the floor. • The new technique has a wider field of application and deserves (or is deserving of) closer study. • This area is worthy of further investigation. - АД); it is advisable to (Morning93); it is meaningful to (In this context, it is meaningful to establish the framework which can capture the amount of emissions quantitatively. Игорь Миг); there is value in (SirReal)
банк. reasonably (Alik-angel)
Макаров. it is wise to (делать что-либо); evident (essence)
мат. it is expedient; it is reasonable; it is necessary; it is appropriate; it is wise; it is a good practice
парл. it would make sense + infinitive (ART Vancouver)
сахал. convenient (SEIC By-Laws)
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