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 расти как грибы | фразы
общ. mushroom up; mushroom (быстро); spout up like mushrooms (Olga Okuneva); pop up all over (после дождя Сomandor); bop up all over (Interex); grow up like mushrooms; pop up (Игорь Миг)
Макаров. mushroom out; spring up like mushrooms
 растут как грибы
общ. pop up (The Asian tourist market is seeing a boom right now for example, and you can see this with Chinese signs in the international airports – this is a major signal. Now Chinese and pan-Asian restaurants are popping up around the city.---TMT.17 Игорь Миг); sprout like mushrooms (Saffron)
 расти быстро как грибы
амер. mushroom
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