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 деньги на бочку | фразы
общ. plank down the ready; pay on the spot (Сomandor); pay cash up front (Сomandor); cash; pay on the nail; cash down; nail a to pay on the nadir
разг. cash on the barrel (Eisenfaust); cash up front (Rust71)
эк. money up front (условие продавца)
 деньги на бочку!
общ. cash down!; ante up! (someone may say it during a robbery meaning give up anything with value: "Ante up fool, i want the cash and the jewls!" Игорь Миг); cash on the nail!; cash on the barrelhead! (Anglophile); pay on the nail!
сл. ready up
Gruzovik, разг. cash on the line!
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