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 иногородний прил. | фразы
общ. non-Cossack (as used by Cossacks ABelonogov); of another town (ABelonogov); not local (ABelonogov); from another town (Anglophile); from another city (Anglophile); for another town; of; out-of-town; foreign; non-resident
Gruzovik out-of-towner (as noun)
бизн. nonresident
ист. non-Cossack peasant living in Cossack community
 иногородняя прил.
Gruzovik out-of-towner (as noun); nonresiden (as noun); nonresident (as noun)
 иногородние прил.
общ. residents of other cities (Alexander Demidov)
юр. out-of-town (1. located away from the centre of a town or city Х out-of-town superstores 2. coming from or happening in a different place Х an out-of-town guest Х an out-of-town performance. OALD Alexander Demidov)
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