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 кутить гл. | фразы
общ. carouse; dissipate; revel; go to town; make whoopee; bacchanalize; hell around; splash out; junket; splurge; be on the loose; go on a bender; go on the spree; have a binge; be on the randan; go on the razzle-dazzle; live it up; go on the razzle; go on the razzmatazz; go out on the town; plant the town red; go on a spree (miko87); jollify; burn up the town (Alexander Oshis); be on the spree; kick up one's heels; go on the booze; make merry; roister; banquet (kee46); go on a bat; lead a dissipated life; be out on the piss (NumiTorum); be on a spree
Gruzovik booze (impf only)
австрал., сл. lashing out
диал. whirl (of blizzard)
идиом. hit the town (VLZ_58)
Макаров. go on the binge; go on the randan; have a spree; whoop it up; be out on the tiles
Макаров., разг. go on the tiles
Макаров., сл. see the world
перен., уст. get up to mischief; throw into disorder
разг. hit the big spots; hell (обыкн. hell around); go on a bar crawl (Yanick); binge ('More)
сл. be on the tiles; paint the town red; be on the bash; whoopee; on bat; be up the tiles; be upon the tiles; go up the tiles; go upon the tiles; hit the high spots; hit the high points; see life; loop; raise hell (Johnny Bravo); spread (To go out a lot and spend a lot of money for drinks: - Hey man, keen for some drinks tonight? - Yeah dude, let's spread! VLZ_58)
фраз. live life like a long lost weekend (VLZ_58); set the Thames on fire ('We all go,' said his uncle. 'We make one big party. We all go to London to set the Thames on fire.' VLZ_58)
Gruzovik, диал. swirl of blizzard (impf only)
Gruzovik, перен. disturb (impf only); be up to mischief (impf only)
 кутя гл.
редк. puppy (Супру)
рел. coliphia (Ольга21)
 кутила гл.
Gruzovik, разг. debauchee (debauchée)
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