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 развлекаться гл. | фразы
общ. recreate; dally; disport; sport; take pleasure; go out on the town; push the boat out; frolic; dedicate time to pleasure; disport oneself at (чем-л.); disport oneself with (чем-л.); have fun; gambol (Pippy-Longstocking); entertain oneself (Kisa630); have a good time, amuse oneself (Kisa630); amuse; distract; divert; entertain; have a good time; game; jolly; play; make oneself merry (Artjaazz); wile away the time; be distracted; be diverted; go crazy (All right, let's go crazy. Игорь Миг); fun (nikolay_fedorov); be entertained (SirReal); cut loose (Игорь Миг)
Gruzovik amuse oneself (impf of развлечься)
амер. cavort (joyand)
амер., Макаров. recreate oneself
идиом. at play (Whether I am at work or at play, I try to be pleasant to people. VLZ_58)
Макаров. make holiday; be distracted (отвлекаться); dally with; get distracted (отвлекаться); play with
Макаров., разг. live it up
разг. dissipate; popjoy; pleasure; mess about with (не напрягаясь ailene); "Would you like to mix it up at the park today? We could bring a frisbee or a ball of sorts." mix it up (VLZ_58); let the good times roll (We've had another successful year at the company, so everyone enjoy the party and let the good times roll! 4uzhoj); ball out (Voledemar)
руг. get one's jollies; get one's kicks; relaid and parlayed laid
сл. up on the town; have oneself a time; on the town; party; goof around (Kisa630); с девочками fool around (valery5); out on the town
табу., груб. rat-fuck
 развлекайтесь гл.
пренебр. knock yourself out (4uzhoj)
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