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 хорошо знать | фразы
общ. be familiarly acquainted with (кого-л.); be nearly acquainted with (что-л.); to be familiar with smth. (что-л.); to be familiarly acquainted with smb. (кого-л.); to be nearly acquainted with smth. (что-л.); be at home at, in, on, with (что-л.); be competent in (... Proficient in French, competent in German and written Italian. | The work we do is generally not checked by someone more competent in German, nor is it vetted first by FIGU, therefore, it may ... indeed certainly WILL ... contain some errors of interpretation and meaning. Alexander Demidov); have a good knowledge of sth (что-либо Zhongguotong); be well-versed in (MargeWebley); be cognizant of (Russian strategists are especially cognizant of these dynamics and recognize that a drawn-out conflict will likely force both sides up the escalation ladder. Игорь Миг); be on a first-name basis (кого-л. 4uzhoj)
бизн. be familiar with
Макаров. be at home in (что-л.); be at home with (что-л.); feel at home in smth. (что-л.); feel at home with smth. (что-л.); be familiar with smth. (что-л.)
рел. be ease at
 хорошо знал
рел. was ease at; were ease at
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