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 несомненно! гл. | фразы
общ. quite!
 несомненно гл.
общ. quite so; sure; it is certain
Макаров. be certain (эквивалент глагола- характеристики); be sure + to inf. (эквивалент глагола-характеристики)
сл. you damn Skippy (эмоционально усиленное подтверждение WiseSnake)
 несомненно, гл.
общ. it is unmistakable that (что Игорь Миг)
 несомненно прил.
общ. without any question
 несомненный прил.
общ. doubtless; decided; apparent; undeniable; undoubted; unmistakable; unquestionable; certain; incontrovertible; indubitable; positive; questionless; indubious; odds-on; uncontrovertible; hands-down; sartin; unequivocal; unquestioning (Aly19); hands down; odds on; blatant (о лжи); undisputed; unimpeachable; cock-sure; indisputable; not disputed; adducible (AlexP73); absolute; real; sure; certifiable (fa158); ill-disguised (During the election campaign Jeremy Corbyn’s ill-disguised nuclear pacifism was seen as an own goal.---TIMES UK 17 Игорь Миг); unconcealed (Игорь Миг); unavoidably obvious (Игорь Миг); out and out (we are dealing with an out and out case of fraud. Игорь Миг); unassailable (Игорь Миг)
бизн. decisive
дип., разг. safe
Макаров. secure
мат. definite
перен. crystal-clear (Andrey Truhachev); crystal clear (Andrey Truhachev)
разг. up-front; от "no doubt" no-duh (Vadim Rouminsky)
фраз. darn tootin' (Interex)
эк. manifest (очевидный); obvious (очевидный); real (очевидный); distinct (легко отличимый A.Rezvov)
юр. undoubtful; unquestioned
 несомненно! нареч.
австрал., сл. not half!
Макаров. yes, indeed
 несомненно нареч.
общ. undoubtedly; without doubt; far and away; surely; assuredly; doubtless; be certain; certainly; clearly; evidently; indeed (very glad indeed - очень, очень рад; I may, indeed, be wrong - допускаю, что я, может быть, неправ); positively; questionless; and no mistake; as sure as death; beyond doubt; by long odds; apparently; indubitably (Anglophile); out and out; definitely; emphatically; no doubt; of a surety; as sure as fate; all peradventure; any day; by all odds; for certain; of a certainty; decisively; in very deed; as sure as a gun; yes; without a question (bookworm); hands down (Alex Lilo); for a certainty; be sure; unquestionably (Азери); Without the slightest doubt (frar); of course; by long all odds; arguably (These changes are arguably needed in the act, but why has the government chosen a stimulus package and placed technical amendments in the updating of a very old statute in a bill like this? Игорь Миг; Liv Bliss); unequivocally (cognachennessy); indisputably (cognachennessy); most certainly (Stas-Soleil); with no doubt (Vladimir Shevchuk); needless to say (Игорь Миг); undeniably (Sergei Aprelikov); that's for sure (Игорь Миг); distinctly; there is no denying that (Sergei Aprelikov); no questions asked (...he's certainly been our best player all season, no questions asked. VLZ_58); squarely (Stas-Soleil); demonstrably (Игорь Миг); it is beyond argument that (Игорь Миг); absolutely (Игорь Миг); it is sure that (Johnny Bravo); by far (См. пример в статье "безусловно". I. Havkin); decidedly (The picture is decidedly involved and complex. Игорь Миг); there's no question (...there's no question he has a legitimate chance. VadZ); beyond compare (Creatures like the one he was depicting onscreen, though not hideous like his star, Max Schreck, but beautiful beyond compare. Игорь Миг); doubtlessly; evidentially; ywis; it is certain that (They are certain to come to Moscow = It is certain that they will come to Moscow Они несомненно приедут в Москву Johnny Bravo); overwhelmingly likely (Игорь Миг); without guess (Азери); it's a safe bet (Игорь Миг); more than likely (VLZ_58)
амер. for fair; it is dollars to doughnuts
горн. beyond all question; past without question
идиом. no question about that (VLZ_58); by a long way (Of all the books I've read, this is by a long way my favorite. = Из всех книг, что я прочёл, эта - несомненно моя любимая. VadZ); by all means (Александр У)
ирон. forsooth
Макаров. beyond controversy; incontrovertibly; it is indubitable; obviously; without controversy
мат. for sure; without fail; without question
мех. +infinitive do (typist)
разг. all right; alright; easily; make no mistake; sure thing (Игорь Миг)
руг. bet one's ass
сл. beyond all question
судостр. presumably
табу., груб. with balls on
фр. sans doute (vitalinew)
 несомненно, нареч.
общ. it could not be denied that (что Игорь Миг)
научн. no doubt
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