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 повязать гл. | фразы
общ. couple (with); be astringent; connect; join (inter); link; associate; brace; cement; colligate; combine; concatenate; crochet; knit; mate (with); pair (with); stay; unite; bind; bond; put in touch (with); lock up (Игорь Миг)
Gruzovik knit for a while (pf only); tie (pf of повязывать); tie round (pf of повязывать); bind round (pf of повязывать); wrap round (pf of повязывать); tie together (pf of повязывать)
разг. crossbreed; arrest (Ying); apprehend (Val_Ships); overpower (Abysslooker)
сл. mitt
собак. service
 'повязать' гл.
сл. give a tug (grafleonov); collar (as in "police collared the culprit" Val_Ships)
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