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 стоять на ушах | фразы
общ. go cuckoo (Artjaazz); bend over backwards (The whole editorial team bent over backwards to get the edition ready for press on time -- MBerdy.17 Игорь Миг); go crazy (I own the restaurant, so we can go crazy Игорь Миг); do one's utmost (Игорь Миг); take great pains to (Игорь Миг); go wild (people in the UK went wild as their Three Lions beat Sweden to reach the final four in Russia. Игорь Миг); go bonkers (Игорь Миг); be in a mad dash to (Игорь Миг)
разг. go nuts (безудержно веселиться to go out to bars, clubs, etc.); go on a rampage (дебоширить to become very angry and violent); lose it ; paint the town (red); stand on head ; turn oneself inside out (Я стояла на ушах, чтобы в квартире было чисто, а он даже не заметил. I turned myself inside out to clean that apartment, and he didn't even notice!; очень стараться to try very hard to do smth.); move heaven and earth; move mountains; to party down
сл. two and eight (vipere)
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