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 судовая книга
общ. vessel register (The Naval Vessel Register (NVR) is the official inventory of ships and service craft in custody of or titled by the United States Navy. wiki. Государственном судовом реестре, Российском международном реестре судов или судовой книге Alexander Demidov)
мор. ship's book (Leonid Dzhepko); ship register book (Alexander Matytsin)
юр. ship's log (Today ship's log has grown to contain many other types of information, and is a record of operational data relating to a ship or submarine, such as weather conditions, times of routine events and significant incidents, crew complement or what ports were docked at and when. It is essential to traditional navigation, and must be filled in at least daily. wiki Alexander Demidov); logbook (Nautical. A book containing a detailed daily record of a ship's voyage (including the rate of progress as indicated by the log); SOED Alexander Demidov)