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 относить на счёт | фразы
общ. attribute (grafleonov); impute; refer (чего-л.); чего-л. chalk up to (She doesn't even bother to say thank you, but I just chalk it up to bad manners and try not to let it bother me. VLZ_58); credit (Thornton can credit a lot of that success to his strength on the puck. VLZ_58); write off as (Putin's crude jokes are often written off as a product of his childhood on the streets of St. Petersburg. bl.us.17 Игорь Миг); blame on (... blaming America’s dire shortfalls of democracy on plutocrats in Russia more than on plutocrats in America…17 Игорь Миг)
банк. accredit
бизн. charge to account; refer to
бухг. charge; recognize as (The company recognized all borrowing costs as an expense. wandervoegel)
Макаров. put down to (кого-л., чего-л.); put down to smth. (чего-л.); refer to (чего-л.)
нефт.газ. be for the account of smb., smth. (кого-л. чего-л.); charge to smb., smth. (кого-л. чего-л.)
сахал. be for the account of; charge to smb. (кого-л., чего-л.)
сахал.р. charge to (кого-л., чего-л.)
эк. charge (напр. покупателя); charge to account (ч-л.); charge to smth. (ч-л.); record to (ч-л.)
 относить на чей-л. счёт
общ. put down; impute
 относить на какой-л. счёт
ЕБРР. take to an account (вк); transfer to an account (вк)
 относимый на счёт
юр. chargeable (чей-либо)
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