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 well, I never! | фразы
общ. никогда ничего подобного не (видел, говорил и т.п.); вот так так!; вот те на!; не может быть!; вот тебе и раз!; ну и ну!; первый раз вижу такое!
посл. вот тебе, бабушка, и Юрьев день
разг. вот тебе и на!
фраз. интересное кино! (VLZ_58)
 Well, I never!
идиом. глазам своим не верю! (Andrey Truhachev); вот тебе и на! (Andrey Truhachev)
 Well I never!
идиом. Вот чудеса! (masay)
 well I never
общ. надо же (1) An exclamation of surprise, usually at something shocking or scandalous. 2) A way of saying that you did not, even once, in your lifetime to this point, do a given thing. Mom: "Son, eat your brussels sprouts." Son: "I don't like brussels sprouts." Dad: "You know, sport, life is all about trying new things." Son: "Well I never nailed a bitch indabutt. Maybe I should try that." Mom: "Well I never! Peter, I told you never to tell our little boy about your little...ummm...fetish, how you like to stick it in my...ummm...posterior." Dad: "I didn't. But I think you just did." Son: "Well I never!" (pukes). UD Alexander Demidov)
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