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 издеваться над | фразы
общ. guy; goof on (кем-л.); set at naught (кем-л., чем-л.); deride (MargeWebley); victimize (to make sb suffer unfairly because you do not like them, their opinions, or sth that they have done • For years the family had been victimized by racist neighbours. OALD Alexander Demidov); play up (кем-л.); tease; poke (Игорь Миг); jab at (Игорь Миг); yank one’s chain (Look, if you're here just to yank my chain... Игорь Миг); run roughshod over (Just how long are Manhattan's spineless officials going to allow maniacs like Spider-Man to run roughshod over us decent citizens? Игорь Миг)
амер., сл. do a number on (кем-л.)
Макаров. give a bad time (кем-л.); flout at (кем-л.); jest at smb.'s expense (кем-л.); play up; scoff at; take the piss out of smb., smth. (кем-л., чем-л.)
Макаров., сл. take the mickey out of smb. (кем-л.)
разг. take the piss out of sb. (Andrey Truhachev); take the mickey out of sb. (Andrey Truhachev)
руг. have someone by the balls (кем-либо); have someone or something by the tail (кем-либо)
уст. bite the thumb at (кем-л.); put an ape in somebody's hood (кем-л. Bobrovska)
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