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 на неопределенный срок | фразы
общ. until further notice (YuliaO); without date; indefinitely (oVoD)
лат., Макаров. s.d. sine die
офиц. for an indefinite period ("Informed consent remains valid for an indefinite period, allowing advance consent to be sought, providing that the patient's condition has not changed, and/or new information concerning the proposed intervention or alternative treatments have not come to light in the intervening period. It is good practice, if consent was obtained in advance, to confirm consent at the time of surgery." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1791005/ ART Vancouver)
эк., лат. sine dia
 на неопределённый срок
общ. sine die; sine; for an indefinite term (договор ABelonogov)
бизн. for the time being
юр. for an indefinite period (A northern B.C. man who pleaded guilty to unlawfully confining, choking and then sexually assaulting a teenage hitchhiker has been jailed for an indefinite period. ART Vancouver); without day
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