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общ. be posted as; be familiar; keep up; be alert to (bookworm); be aware (KozlovVN); keep abreast of (Rick); maintain awareness (andreeva); stay informed (Anglophile); keep abreast; follow (the developing story: Have you been following this at all? - Вы вообще в курсе того, что происходит? ART Vancouver); чего-л. be up on sth. (Are you up on the quarterly numbers? ART Vancouver); be in the picture (тж. см. be out of the picture Taras); know (Юрий Гомон); stay tuned (bigmaxus); have the edge (MichaelBurov); cook ( кот ученый); stay up to date (Aslandado); know full well (Игорь Миг); чего-л. stay up to date with (He stays up to date with the team' story. I. Havkin); keep up to speed (We all had to read it every day to keep up to speed. Игорь Миг); keep track of (The Armstrong portfolio is an easy way to keep track of the Armstrong products you like. Игорь Миг); be on the treadmill (grafleonov); be up to date with (чего-либо sophistt)
амер. be in the loop (LoveTek)
амер.англ. be clued in (дел Anglophile); чего-л. be cognizant of (He was cognizant of the difficulty. Val_Ships)
безоп. keep oneself apprised (Зеленевский)
бизн. be keep up to date (ART Vancouver)
брит. be clued-up (дел Anglophile)
бухг. be in touch with
воен. cut in on (дел)
горн. keep in touch with (событий и т. п.)
идиом. дела know the scoop (Yerkwantai); up to speed (Karbina); keep track (Yeldar Azanbayev)
Макаров. be abreast of smth. (чего-л.); be familiar with smth. (чего-л.); be in touch with ... (чего-л.); be plugged in to smth.; be posted as to smth. (чего-л.); get abreast of smth.; know the score
Макаров., разг. be in the know apart (дела)
негр. be down with sth. (Viku)
разг. keep up with (Точки над Е); on top of (joyand); be in the know (Val_Ships)
сл. чего-л. crack on to smth. (Technical); чего-л. be down with something (Be down with science = "I am familiar with science" or "science is a good thing". spelled)
тех. stay in the know
уст.выр. be up to speed (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/ru/словарь/британский/up-to-speed Medea13)
эк. to be well informed
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Майкр. Keep your life in sync " In this context, ""your life"" refers to the user's digital information and goods (photos, contacts, music, email/messages, and apps/games). To be ""in sync"" means to be ""synchronized"" or ""harmonious."" This string, therefore, means that Windows Phone will keep users' important information and belongings synchronized in one place, while at the same time helping keep their life organized and harmonious."
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