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общ. hang; reweight; outweight; outbalance; outweigh (Even though this is now one of the least affordable cities in North America, according to the locals the pluses outweigh the minuses. ART Vancouver); override; preponderate; tip (to tip the scale (the scales) - склонить чашу весов); weigh down; downweigh; overpoise; overweigh; trump (Blah-blah-blah); weigh up; move and hang; hang over; sling over; weigh (all, a quantity of); weigh anew; overbalance; overrule
Gruzovik hang somewhere else (impf of перевесить)
авт. overpower
бизн. out-weight
Макаров. weigh out; tip
мяс. transfer (туши с пути обескровливания на путь разделки)
перен. tip the scales
разг. hang (a number of); hang one after another; weigh again
эк. reweigh; outbalance (превосходить); compensate for (A.Rezvov)
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