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 насмехаться гл. | фразы
общ. mock; jeer; sneer; fleer; flout; gird; jest; quiz (над чем-либо); razz; scoff; twit; quip; bait; deride; guy; jibe; roast; sneer at; tromp (над кем-л.); quirk; ridicule (smb - над кем-то q3mi4); make fun of (над кем-л.); have in derision; laugh at; hold in derision; take the Michael out of smb. (над кем-л.); take the Micky out of smb. (над кем-л.); laugh (at); jolly; lark (над кем-л.); bemock; taunt; crow; над кем-л. scoff at (Andrey Truhachev); bully (Musk was bullied a lot as a child in South Africa. He found comfort in fantasy and science-fiction books, which inspired him to leave a legacy in the world. -- US.17.blinkist.com/magazine Игорь Миг); jeer at (kee46); wind up (VLZ_58)
австрал. chiack (над кем-л.)
австрал., сл. burl
арх. scorn
брит. take the piss (Mr_K)
идиом. take the mickey (monarch976)
Макаров. crow about; crow over; gibe at; jest at; make fun of; mock at; sling off at; tromp on (над кем-л.); jibe at
Макаров., уст. gird at
разг. make fun (of Damirules); roast (над кем-л.); gibe (над кем-л. Vladimir Pochinov); take the mickey out of (Andrey Truhachev); take the piss out of sb. (Andrey Truhachev)
рел. mocked
сл. give the needle; raspberry
табу. quipp
уст. bob; scout; scouter
 насмехаясь гл.
общ. mockingly (Азери); gibingly
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