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общ. somebody; certain; one; anybody (в вопр. предл.; Is anybody out there?; Есть там кто-нибудь?); any man alive; quidam; Mr. Somebody or other; number; john doe (Баян); someone; what-not; a certain; a (a Mr Smith called to see you Alexander Demidov); a certain person
Майкр. Someone The display name UI label used when there isn't a display name value available, as when data can't be retrieved or someone hasn't completely filled out their profile
Макаров. he
разг. dingbat (Andrey Truhachev); thingummy (Andrey Truhachev)
сл. what's it is; whatchamacallit; kadigin; show; thingamajig; кое-кто certain party (I spoke to a certain party about the matter you mentioned. Я поговорил кое с кем насчёт дела о котором ты упоминал. Interex)
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