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общ. руководящее звено (Игорь Миг); руководители старшего звена (The judge acknowledged that awarding the maximum notice to an employee who was not at a senior management level was unusual Игорь Миг); руководящие лица (Senior management, executive management, or management team is generally a team of individuals at the highest level of organizational management who have the day-to-day responsibilities of managing a company or corporation. They hold specific executive powers conferred onto them with and by authority of the board of directors and/or the shareholders. There are most often higher levels of responsibility, such as a board of directors and those who own the company (shareholders), but they focus on managing the senior or executive management instead of the day-to-day activities of the business. The executive management typically consists of the heads of the firm's product and/or geographic units and of functional executives such as the chief financial officer, the chief operating officer, and the chief strategy officer. In Project Management, senior management is responsible for authorising the funding of projects. They are sometimes referred to, within corporations, as executive management, top management, upper management, higher management, or simply seniors. WK Alexander Demidov); высший руководящий состав (Given the importance of the role, the privacy manager or co-ordinator should be someone drawn from senior management. Игорь Миг); руководящий состав (Игорь Миг); руководители и заместители руководителей (managers at the highest level of a company or organization, considered as a group: »The company's senior management is considering a listing on one of several other stock exchanges. CBED Alexander Demidov); высший состав руководства (the most senior staff of an organization or business, including the heads of various divisions or departments led by the chief executive. Also called: top management. Compare: middle management. Example sentences containing 'senior management': Will it be the senior management staff or an inspector? Times, Sunday Times (2012) Jobs range from temporary shop floor staff to senior management. The Sun (2013) Only senior management and front-line executives who deal with clients need to be approved by the FSA. Times, Sunday Times (2012) The company is keen to involve all of its workers, encouraging open dialogue between senior management and staff and a positive atmosphere of co-operation. Times, Sunday Times (2006) https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/senior-management Alexander Demidov)
бизн. высшее исполнительное руководство; высшая администрация корпорации; представители высшего руководства (Alex_Odeychuk); представители высшего руководящего состава (Alex_Odeychuk)
бухг. высшая администрация (напр. корпорации)
ЕБРР. руководители; руководство
кино. высшее руководство
рекл. старшее руководство
  senior management: 23 фразы в 13 тематиках
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