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 иметь в своём распоряжении | фразы
общ. have in one's disposition; wield; have at beck; be armed with tools (инструменты, карты и т.п.); have at disposal; command; have at one's disposal; have; field (However, the fact that the recent attackers fielded only a few assault weapons does not mean that other combatant networks do not have access to larger quantities of weapons. Игорь Миг); boast of (…  the company  boasts of  the best professionals in the embroidery field and of the finest fabrics.  Игорь Миг)
Макаров. be armed with
разг. have to oneself (I had the whole room to myself. Юрий Гомон)
эк. have at one's command
  иметь в своём распоряжении: 4 фразы в 4 тематиках
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